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Fauré, Debussy & Ravel

Debussy: Prélude de L’après-midi d’un Faune (arr. Ravel)

Ravel: Ma mère l’Oye (suite)


Fauré: Dolly Suite

Debussy: Petite Suite

Paris around the turn of the 20th Century was perhaps the single most important place for artistic excitement in every form. Musically it was a hot melting-pot where the older generations of composers such as Saint-Saëns and Franck were competing with the ‘new’ young innovators. Parisian composers were a close group of musicians learning together and feeding off each other. Orchestral and 4-hand versions of works were often made at the same time. This programme presents some of the best known music by Fauré, Debussy and Ravel, showing the mutual respect and cross-pollination between them.


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