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Beethoven and Mozart by Czerny

Mozart: Marriage of Figaro Overture arr. Czerny

Beethoven: Symphony 1, Op.21 arr. Czerny


Beethoven: Symphony 8, Op.93 arr. Czerny

Anyone who has had piano lessons knows (and probably hates) the name Carl Czerny. He was however perhaps the most important teacher and virtuoso before Liszt (who was Czerny’s student!). Czerny was particularly skilled and prolific in producing arrangements of orchestral music for many hands on one keyboard, transcribing all the Symphonies and many Overtures of Beethoven (his teacher) for 4-hand piano, as well as over 20 Mozart Symphonies, Overtures and even the Requiem. Duo Pleyel is recording all the Beethoven Symphonies in these brilliant and spectacular 4-hand versions by Czerny. After you hear them, you will certainly have a new-found respect for poor Czerny.


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