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Clementi & Friends

Clementi: Sonata Op.14, No.3 in E-flat

Dussek: Fugue in G minor, Op.64, No.2

Clementi: Sonata Op.14, No.1 in C


Mozart - Variations in G, K.501

Dussek: Fugue in F, Op.64, No.3

Clementi: Sonata Op.14, No.2 in F

This programme brings together music by three geniuses from the late 18th century: Mozart, Dussek and Clementi. Each of these brilliant player/composers had totally different musical styles and compositional agendas. Most people know Mozart’s music, but will have never heard this fabulous little set of variations. Clementi is seldom played, and Dussek almost never, yet both composers were at the forefront of keyboard composition and piano development. You will be amazed by the richness and blatant “Romanticism” that their music contains.


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