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J.C. Bach / Mozart – “Mozart’s Real Musical Father”

Mozart: Sonata in D, K.381 for 4-hands J.C. Bach: Sonata in F for 4-hands Mozart: Variations in G for 4-hands, K.501 *** J.C. Bach: Sonata in A for 4-hands

Mozart: Sonata in B-flat, K.385 for 4-hands

In 1764, the 8-year-old Mozart met J.C .Bach in Chelsea (London). Mozart loved and admired this wonderful musician and his music, often quoting themes from him. J.C. Bach was truly Mozart’s real musical father. At that meeting, these two musicians reportedly played together, improvising with each other for over an hour on one keyboard. From that moment on, composing music for 4-hands on one keyboard became a hugely important genre.

Amsterdam - 18th March, 2021

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