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Jan Ladislav Dussek & Schubert

Dussek: Sonata in B-flat, Op.67, No.3

Dussek: Fugue in D, Op.64, No.1

Dussek: ‘Grande Sonate’ in C, Op.48


Schubert: Sonata in B-flat, D.617

Schubert: Fantasie in F minor, D.940

The Bohemian composer Dussek was one of the greatest and most important keyboard giants of his time.

It is a crime that today pianists neither know nor play his music. He composed magnificent works for piano 4-hands, which are not only superb compositions but fun both to play and to hear. Schubert composed over seven hours of music for piano duet, including some of his most important works. We present one of his early sonatas, along with his masterpiece, the Fantasie in F minor.


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